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Immaculate Conception School

As a Catholic community, we form disciples of Christ through faith, academics, and character.

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Physical Education

Our aim is to engage, inspire and evolve every child’s potential through an outstanding PE curriculum that meets individual needs, interests and expectations.  In particular, we aim to develop confidence, physical competence and promote physical development in every child, enabling them to acquire the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.

A physically literate individual…

  • uses a variety of skills to participate in physical activities.

  • knows how to move and use strategies when they play games.

  • knows and practices the skills that help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • acts fairly, responsibly, and respectfully when they participate in activities.

  • knows why it is important to be physically active.

Music Makings

6th grade recently finished their tour of world instruments.  You can see their work here. 6D World Instrument Tour 6s World Instrument Tour

IC Uniform Closet Open for Business

Great News!  The IC Uniform Closet will be available in the school lobby during regular August school office hours (Tues – Thurs 9am to Noon) up through Wednesday, August 26 at 12:00 noon.   We ask that only two families shop at a time, wear masks, and maintain a 6’ distance from others.  If there are two families shopping when you arrive, please wait outside until a family leaves.  The lobby restrooms WILL NOT be available during this time.  All uniforms are FREE and don’t forget that we will NOT be using gym clothes this year.  Also, no ties will be required for our junior high boys.  Any questions, please contact Debbie Miller at or Ann Braam at

2020-2021 School Supply Lists

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to school in just a few short weeks! Please see the attached 2020-2021 School Supply Lists. Stay safe and keep enjoying your summer as we prepare for your return in August!

Euchre Night

Immaculate Conception Queen of Hearts Euchre Tournament will be held on February 22, 2020. Please see attached flyer for more details or register at

Understanding Your Child’s Terra Nova Home Report

At Immaculate Conception School, we use data from a variety of sources.  Earlier in the year, I wrote about STAR testing and how that information is used. Today, I am going to take a closer look at the Terra Nova results you will be receiving shortly. Before we get into numbers, we need to understand that data is a tool.  It is a powerful tool, but a single test cannot tell us everything we need to understand about children. That’s why we use a variety of data points.  Some things are formal tests such as the Terra Nova. Others are teacher observations. While that may be less formal, it is just as important.  The teachers at Immaculate Conception are constantly monitoring students to ensure they are learning.  We look for trends in the data.  The trends help us make connections and create learning opportunities for the students. The Terra Nova is a nationally normed standardized test.  This means the students at Immaculate Conception are compared to students throughout the county who have also taken this test in October. In a few days, you will receive your child’s Home Report.  The first page has a chart with your child’s national percentile ranking in the tested areas.  The easiest way to think of this is that a student who scored in the 71st percentile scored better than 71% of students who took the same test.  Percentile scores between 25 and 75 are considered average scores. The next page breaks the overall subject score into categories to give you more information.  They use circles to indicate levels of mastery.  The three levels are High Mastery – This is considered to be a complete understanding of a topic. Moderate Mastery – This is close to complete understanding, but not quite there yet. Low Mastery – This is consistently scoring below proficient. It is very possible to have all three scores in a single subject.  A student could easily have a high level of mastery in the computation category while also having a low level of mastery in the measurement category. The last score reported to parents is the child’s Lexile range.  Lexile is a reading level.  Students generally progress in reading if they read a book that is understandable, but just slightly above their reading level.  The “sweet spot” for learning using Lexile scores is between 100 points below and about 50 points above the child’s actual score.  This is why this score is reported as a range. I encourage you to review these scores when they come home. They will give you a bit of insight into your child’s academic progress.  

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