Immaculate Conception School

Immaculate Conception School

As a Catholic community, we form disciples of Christ through faith, academics, and character.

Immaculate Conception School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

366 E. North Broadway, Columbus, OH 43214


Our staff is dedicated to providing our students with an excellent Catholic education.


Father Matt Hoover


Colleen Kent


Nandee Hocker

Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Mrs. Marina Hachwa

Office Manager

Mrs. Molly Connelly

Office Secretary

Mrs. Maureen Botos

Office Secretary

Mrs. Katie Lewis

Admissions Director

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Claire Heim

Preschool Lead Teacher

Mrs. Heather Vaca-Guzman

Preschool Teacher

Miss Gabrielle Scholl

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Velecia Helenthal

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Tia Stropkai

1st Grade Teacher

Miss Kaleigh Golamb

2nd Grade Teacher

Miss Mary Dannemiller

1st Grade Teacher

Loriann Francis

2nd Grade Teacher

Mr. Mark Stinnett

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Melissa Johnson

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Christine Tyler

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Smith

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Margo Bjorkman

Jr. High Science Teacher

Mr. Tom Kersey

Jr. High Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Cindy Butchko

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Katie Bogner

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Megan Wood

5th Grade Teacher

Miss Mackenzie Kraker

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Tina Keller

Jr. High Math Teacher

Mr. Luke McCurdy

Jr. High Language Arts Teacher

Teacher Aides

Mrs. Sara Eagan

Preschool Aide


Mrs. Kelley Dormady

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Suzanne Westrick

Kindergarten Aide

Ms. Cathy Lynch

1st Grade Aide


Mrs. Melinda McCoy

3rd Grade Aide


Mrs. Gloria Muetzel

4th Grade Aide


Mrs. Olivia Fetko

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Sara Thompson

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Suzy Floyd

1st Grade Aide

Miss Grace Jenkins

2nd Grade Aide


Mrs. Gisselle Sanchez

3rd Grade Aide


Mrs. Brittany Byrley

Innovation Specialist

Mr. Jim Swanson


Mrs. Wendy Salyer

Library Manager

Mrs. Carmen Minardi

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Maggie Schafer

Speech Pathologist


Mr. John Salyer

Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Cindy Miller

Music and Technology Teacher

Mrs. Caroline Zilly

Art Teacher

Mrs. Anne Cody

Student Services Coordinator

Karen Hancart


Mrs. Margaret McNaughton

Title I Reading Specialist

Mrs. Ruth Ann Farthing


Ms. Marjorie Prince

Spanish Teacher

Mr. Zachary Scott

P.E. Teacher

Mrs. Kathy Shambaugh


Mr. Bruce Nicely

School Psychologist

Mrs. Jordan Zak


Additional Staff

Mr. Dave Milli

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Lisa Marie Nagy

Cafeteria Assistant Manager

Mrs. Natalie Willison

Cafeteria Assistant

Mrs. Adanely Arango Magno

Cafeteria Assistant

Mr. Keith Altier

Facility Manager

Mr. Bob Cummings

Assistant Facility Manager

Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools. Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life. Pope Francis