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Digital Danger – Keeping Our Kids Safe

Thursday November 4th

(Hosted by The IC Home & School Association)


In 2018, HASA hosted Jesse Weinberger, author and internet safety expert. This sparked great conversation between parents, caregivers, and their children. As a community, we continued this conversation by introducing the Wait Until 8th Pledge, a commitment to wait until 8th grade for your child to have a smartphone. In 2020, HASA hosted a screening of the movie “Screenagers”, a documentary by Delany Ruston, that explored how learning, playing and socializing online affects teens’ development. Roundtable discussions led to better understanding of ways to protect our children from unintended consequences of screen-time. To keep this critically important topic a priority, HASA is hosting Don Stanko, of local non-profit agency “Digital Danger”, on November 4th, 2021.


On Thursday November 4th, during the school day, the Digital Danger organization will present once to 4-5th grade students and again to 6-7-8th grade. They will return that evening to present to parents and other adults in the IC community from 7-8:30PM in Marian Hall.


Don Stanko is a veteran police officer, spending 10 years as the crime prevention officer and community relations officer. His duties with the Digital Danger organization include digital safety programming for students of all ages. In addition, Don is responsible for educational programming for law enforcement, educators, mental health and judicial professionals. During his time with Digital Danger, Don has designed over 100 unique programs and presented them to over 300,000 people, locally and nationally.


Student presentations will focus on:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Appropriate use of technology (photos, posts, etc.)
  • The indelible nature of your digital footprint and how to draw the line on acceptable behavior
  • Metadata
  • Various Ohio Department of Education state standards in technology


The evening presentation for adults will focus on:

  • The impact the digital world has on our children
  • What technology can do and how it can leave a user vulnerable
  • How to be an advocate and support network for your child
  • How to monitor online behavior and coach children on responsible use of technology
  • Learn when to get involved with online problems and when to seek outside help
  • How the law applies to the digital world

Parents, please mark your calendars for 7PM November 4th and plan to attend this very important presentation. No matter the age of your child, this information is for YOU. It’s never too early to learn proactive ways to protect our children.

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