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One way to keep the kids busy in the car

When my kids were young and still taking car trips with us, my husband and I thought having a DVD player in the car would be the ultimate way to keep the kids happy and quiet.  We purchased a portable DVD player and headphones, packed their favorite movies and set off for the six hour round trip car ride to the great grandparents house anticipating  a quiet trip.  Well, it didn’t happen that way because they had watched all of their favorite movies a million times and soon they were bickering over the noise of the movie.  So much for a quiet ride.

We accidentally stumbled upon audio books and never took another movie on long car trips again!  Suddenly, they were quiet and fully engrossed in the audio-book, no bickering, crying or complaining.    Ten years ago, the best way to get audio-books was on CD’s through the public library but soon smart phones changed that!  Now it’s a quick download from the public library then we can listen to it though our Bluetooth in the car.  It bookmarks our place when we stop, and we don’t have to worry about changing CD’s or the awful skipping of an old CD. If you have never downloaded a book from the public library before follow this link to directions.

Then the toughest part of a long car ride became finding just the right book that made everyone happy.   One series that we all loved was The Book of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau which got us to Chicago and home, plus another six hour round trip to the great grandparents house.  Now it is a quick google search for best books for long car rides and the suggestions are endless but I have listed two websites for audio-book ideas for your road trips.

Read Brightly

13 Family audiobooks

School Library Journal audiobook recommendations

Let me know if you find a great listen.  Have have a fun Spring Break  and happy listening!!

Mrs. Kot

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