Immaculate Conception School

Immaculate Conception School

As a Catholic community, we form disciples of Christ through faith, academics, and character.

366 E. North Broadway, Columbus, OH 43214

Music Makings

Kindergarten has been visiting the Kingdom of Sing, where everything is sung.  First grade is working on singing in their head voices with a light and free sound. The 2nd grade is making music for First Holy Communion.  Ask your 2nd grader to sing the First communion songs for you. Third and Fourth graders are playing the recorder and learning to read music on the treble clef.  Fifth grade is studying world instruments and families of instruments.  Sixth grade is creating a second section  to the song Sandy McNabb, using rhythm and body percussion or movement.  Junior High reading music on the treble clef and playing music using boomwhackers.

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